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Some keyfacts about MATELAND

The Mateland metaverse is a metaverse project that is currently underway that offers its customers a variety of fascinating characteristics. Some of these characteristics include the ability to create their own avatar, personalize their environment, and interact with other users in real time. In addition, the Mateland metaverse also offers its customers the ability to purchase virtual items and property. The Mateland metaverse is an ambitious project that has the potential to change the way people interact with each other and their surroundings.

What is a


As far as the cryptocurrency market is concerned, the phrase "metaverse" is no longer considered to be a fancy term. The fact that the global metaverse market is expanding at such a tremendous speed says it all.

There are a great number of projects taking place in the metaverse that one would be interested in learning more about.

To comprehend the fundamentals of metaverse, we must temporarily remove our gaming glasses. Imagine the internet we use every day to make online purchases and play games with our pals. The entire Internet experience currently available to us is primarily two-dimensional. While common apps may have three-dimensional aspects, we primarily use two-dimensional input devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets.


The metaverse concept transforms the entire Internet experience into a three-dimensional space. This means that with the correct technology, VR headsets, consumers would be able to quickly teleport to their favorite store and potentially try on garments from the comfort of their own home prior to placing an order.


What exactly is the MATELAND?


The PlaymateSociety has made its home in MATELAND, which is teeming with real Playmates as well as models. The MATELAND metaverse intends to be not only a platform for play-to-earn, but also to provide its users an endless number of possibilities and to provide virtually an infinite number of opportunities for earning and having fun. Mateland is the first real-life, already-established metaverse that offers the opportunity to make money through gameplay. You can also make other fantasies come true, such as the following:


  • Acquiring luxury products with cryptocurrency

  • Meeting really hot and intriguing people

  • Engaging in profitable and engaging (APPEALING) activities together

  • Playing interesting games together.


MATELAND provides access to each and every one of these fascinating characteristics. MATELAND is the wave of the future when it comes to amusement, and it offers you the chance to have an endless amount of fun! You can have it all with MATELAND by your side! What exactly are you looking forward to?





The EMPORIUM is a luxury and entertainment hub in the metaverse of MATELAND.

In the EMPORIUM, you will find a range of attractions, including cinemas, casinos, base jumping facilities, and other entertaining activities. If you wish to open a business in MATELAND, the EMPORIUM is the ideal location.


You can get a commercial store adjacent to a premium designer brand. From hypercars and designer clothing to watches and jewelry, yachts and helicopter rentals, private aircraft and space travel, the EMPORIUM has everything necessary for a pleasant visit.


Additionally, the EMPORIUM contains various cafes, making it the ideal venue to connect with friends or colleagues. Regardless of your interests, you must visit the EMPORIUM if you are in MATELAND.

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Exciting features of MATELAND:

MATELAND provides its users with a list of features that no other platform gives. Some of them are listed below:

1. Your Own Land:

MATELAND offers you the unique opportunity to own your own land in the metaverse. You can do whatever you want with it - resell it, build on it, lend it out, or just enjoy having your own little piece of the virtual world. And because MATELAND is built on the blockchain, nobody can take it away from you. So come and claim your piece of the MATELAND metaverse today!

2. Super Attractive AVATARS:

The next phase of PlaymateSociety is the launch of the first 100 super sexy AVATARS. Whether you're looking for a super sexy gentleman or a hot lady, your wish will come true with one of our unique avatars. In the upcoming MATELAND metaverse and its partner universes, each member will be able to use their own avatar to move freely and do a lot of activities. With your own avatar, you'll be able to explore Mateland and its many partner universes, meet new people, and have a ton of fun! So what are you waiting for? Join the PlaymateSociety today!


3. Connect with other universes:

MATELAND is created to be interoperable with a number of the other universes that comprise the metaverse. This allows residents of MATELAND to interact with people from all around the virtual world which includes Decentraland, Sandbox, EJIN's Multiverse, and many others. Also it enables a vast array of new opportunities for discovery and collaboration. In addition, being a member of the metaverse grants residents of MATELAND access to a vast array of materials and tools that may be used to create their own unique experiences. MATELAND will be there to give people with an ever-expanding array of opportunities as the metaverse expands.


What We Are About


In MATELAND, we place the highest value on sustainability. The landplots should constantly get new functions and more flexible usable. The avatars learn in movement, expression and behavior. The community token DIX will always get new functions and uses. All, so that MATELAND grows continuously and improves. For the benefit of our residents, visitors and users.


We will always be a little ahead of our time in thoughts and ideas. We realize the just feasible and focus on the already possible to implement the still visionary soon.


Our main concern is to make the finer things in life available to our community in a simple way. To provide you with an environment where you can feel comfortable and fulfill your dreams. Away from the stress of everyday life, there should be a world in which you can meet interesting people, make money and devote yourself to your hobbies. No matter at what time of day and no matter where you are on this earth.

Our Team



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Nico (CEO) is the Head of the Team and responsible for the EVERYTHING in MATELAND. With more than 25 years experience in building companies and development - he is the  well conceted serial entrepreneur.

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Chris is the sexy part of the team. She has a Bachelor of Arts and an understandable charisma. She is Head of Communications and there to answer your questions.



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Vikthor (SED) is the Head of the Creative Department and responsible for the development of MATELAND. With more than 15 years experience in building companies and development - he enriches the team.



Concept and realisation.

Iren is the economic advicer for the METAVERSE.



A Russian developer with more than 10 years experience in programming. He has developed many projects.



Saali is Head of 3D walktrough and design.

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