The Metaverse of pleasure.

by Playmate Society

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The Metaverse of

unlimited pleasure.


The Metaverse

Mateland is the metaverse that aims to be not only a platform for play-to-earn, but to offer infinite possibilities to its users and to provide almost infinite earning and pleasure opportunities. 


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Unlimted possibilities to invest in land. Resale, build, construct, lend or do what ever you want with your part of the MATELAND Metaverse. Nobody can take it from you and you are the King of your land.


Possibilities- unlimited

The next phase of Playmate Society is the launch of the first 100 super sexy AVATARS.

Super sexy gentleman or hot lady - your wish will come true.

In the upcoming metaverse of Playmate Society and its partners, each member will be able to use a unique AVATARS to move freely in the metaverse and do a lot of activity.



Metaversebridge - Freedom

Mateland is primarily planed as an interoperable metaverse that can interact with Decentraland, Sandbox, EJIN's Multiverse, and many other digital universes that are currently evolving rapidly.

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"find the easteregg"

follow import informations on:

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How many MATELAND LAND exist?

The first drop consists of 300 plots.


First drop is divided in:

V1 = 94 Landplots (sold out)

V2 = 206 Landplots

There 1.000 plots in total.


How can I buy MATELAND LAND?

You can buy a LAND here,  when you choose - how much you want and send the amount of ADA to the shown adress. After the presale you can buy on CNFT.IO

How much is a MATELAND LAND?

Every LAND in the first drop is 100 ADA.

Every LAND in the second drop is 150 ADA.

Every LAND in the third drop is 200 ADA.

Every LAND in the final drop is 250 ADA.

Who selects the LAND I get?

Every plot will be randomly chosen after receiving your ADA payment.

How long does it take to get my LAND CNFT?

After you send the amount of ADA you will get the LAND CNFT send back to your Wallet.

Can I send ADA from an Exchange?

No. Please use Yoroi, Nami, AdaLite or Daedalus wallet.

What do I get when I buy the LAND CNFT?

You get a CNFT that has a number. This number is the key to the ownership of a land plot in MATELAND. You are not buying an artwork - you are buying the ownership key to a part of the MATELAND Metaverse. The pictures on the CNFTs are examples of what MATELAND will look like.

Once the digital map in Q4 of 2021 is revealed you can find the location of your LAND in MATELAND.

Which benefit give the ownership of LAND?

There will be multiple benefits. Here are some.

1. You can rent out your LAND.
2. You can cultivate crops and build on your LAND.
3. You can stake your LAND in our upcoming staking program.
4. You can resell your LAND.
5. You can build and rent out facilities like art exhibitions, shops or other rentable businesses.
6. You can create and operate a business on your LAND.
7. There will be a play to earn game where you can earn fees or income from your LAND.
8. You can exchange with other partner Metaverses. (To be announced soon...)
9. Your AVATARS can live on your LAND. and much, much more...


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Where I can buy other Playmate Society CNFTs?

You can buy directly when we drop.



You can buy on our discord channel.

You can buy on

Policy: 516fb6427b52947fc183293f0d8387e598318dfc4245fb6e6f7ac9f9

Policy2: 64700329d616f20f4e83f2bc579513fca51646d47466a97f8fd1c229

Policy3: 8c8df259934eb4de202b59222edb8076bd314be74f89d01eef38cf2b



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Christiana is the sexy part of the team. She has a Bachelor of Arts and an understandable charisma. She is Head of Communications and there to answer your questions.



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Vikthor (SED) is the Head of the Creative Department and responsible for the development of MATELAND. With more than 15 years experience in building companies and development - he enriches the team.



Concept and realisation.

Iren is the economic advicer for the METAVERSE.



A Russian developer with more than 10 years experience in programming. He has developed many projects.



Pawan is the Head of the 3D walkthrough experience. He has 5 years of experience with Blender and Unity and has successfully completed multiple projects globally on various platforms.


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