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Terms & Conditions

Legal Notice is owned by PlaymateSociety by Goldbull Ventures LLC, a legal entity registered in Dubai.
There is a decentralised global team of developers and supporters.


Mateland is a metaverse which is using the cardano blockchain.
The project is still in its beginnings. It is a long term project.

The projects aim is to be community driven METAVERSE with connections to other big METAVERSES. A METAVERSE of pleasure - where all participants can fulfill there dreams of pleasure.

Initial sales of CNFTs is a set of unique numbered LAND titles which relate to version one of the virtual MATELAND map. They are sold as collectible NFTs (only) to those wishing to participate in the vision of this project and not for speculative purposes.

No future value is guaranteed or implied and all participants are reminded that cryptocurrency investments are volatile in nature. All buyers accept that these digital collectibles are not being sold as a security. Equally, all buyers agree they will consult the laws of their country prior to purchasing a MATELAND CNFT.

Only purchase if in accordance with local laws.

Those looking for short terms gains are urged not to participate in the MATELAND digital land sales now or in the future.


To reiterate this is a very long term project with a view that land parcels can be use to host games and business  or build houses, rent that houses, build shops and sell in that shops and many other option when the project develops.

Please note ALL distribution will be randomised.  As always please do not send ADA from exchanges or wallet which do not accept Cardano NFTs as you will not receive your NFT. Due to the decentralised nature of the sales there is a strict no refund policy.

The PlaymateSociety thank you for your support and your visionary.

WHITEPAPER (full version)

here for download

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